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Maranoa Town & Country Mail is a fortnightly 'online' publication covering news and events for the Maranoa, Balonne, Warrego, & Paroo Regions. The Maranoa Mail is published 'Online' at every fortnight and is available at selected newsagents and food stores throughout the region.

The proprietors & publishers Barry & Bernadette Dixon set up the publication to compliment existing news media by focussing on the good news stories from the region. Their view is that we are in a time when all the national media outlets inundate us with stories of doom and gloom. They want to be able to remind people of the wonderful things happening everyday thoughout the South West region of Queensland. The Maranoa Mail covers the entire region. The positive in this is that people are able to find out what is happening in neighbouring towns, hopefully encouraging residents to visit other towns within the South West region, visiting the attractions and joining in on celebrations that are happening just down the road.

If you are a business based in or servicing South West Queensland then check out our advertisers information and deadlines using the links above. This is a great medium for businesses to get their message to households in the Maranoa, Balonne, Warrego, Paroo. Look further on our web site or Phone Barry Dixon on 0407582166 for Advertising details or E Mail:


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